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About Driving Games

Driving games are full of speed and excitement, once you really get into these games it's like you're out there on the road.
Diesel and Death is no exception to this rule, this addicting driving game puts you as the driver of a racing motorcycle, with a simple mission, win the race at all cost and defeat the opponent.
Your competitor, Diesel, controlled by the computer, will also try to stop you from winning, at all cost, this fact makes the game much more challenging then other drive games around..

You start the game a bit ahead of the competitor, but he will catch up soon, so don't be too self confident.
You have two option of winning the game, first, the simple and obvious way of finishing the track before the other bike make it to the finish line, the second way is to eliminate the bike of the other challenger, so you will be left alone, and win the race by default.

During the race, few crates, marked with question marks, will be positioned along the trial, these crates are positioned on random place each time, so you cannot predict when they will appear.
Each crate contains a useful powerup, which can be activated with the keyboard space bar, some of the possible power-ups are:
Sludge - release a green nasty sludge that will hurt the other challenger in case he is just behind you.
Nailgun - will fire nails straight ahead, this will help you in case you are the one behind.
Usually, if your opponent is behind, and armed with the nailgun, it might prove useful to brake and let him pass you.
Shield - pressing space will activate the shield, which will protect you for a short period of time.
Turbo - will give you a short boost of energy, might be very useful to gain advantage over the other driver, and will help you to get to the finishing line before Diesel does.
Repair Bike - will repair any damage caused to the vehicle.
Please note that picking up a power up will replace the old one that you already have, so if you want to keep it, just jump over the crates and don't pick them up.
Also, it takes a second for a crate to reappear, this makes this drive game a bit tricky, since if you're very close to the other driver, and he picks up a crate, you won't be able to pick it up.

Game play screen
As many other driving games, on the top of the screen, you can see a progress bar which represents the track, the red rectangle represents you, and the gray one represents the other driver.
Just below this progress bar, you can spot on the left side your health bar, and power-up bar (in green) which will show which power up you are equipped with, and how much power left in it.
The information for Diesel is shown on the opposite side of the screen.
The lower part will show the race number (the game level) and how much time left for this race.
You should be aware of the time, for example, if the other driver has a nailgun, and you are just waiting behind him, you cannot just stand forever, since the clock is ticking and the game will eventually end, so this strategy is good for a very short period only.

Game end screen
The above screenshot shows the end of race screen, it shows the winner and some details about how exactly he won the round.
Then just below, the scoreboard is displayed, the total score is determined by the winning time, how much damage the bike took (the repair cost), also,some score is added for the winning margin.

Click on "next race" for the next level, as levels advance, the other driver will be more powerful and more sophisticated (just as other driving games), when you lose a level, you have to restart from level 1.
While this fact makes the game much harder, it will actually help you to improve and discover new tactics as it easier to experiment on level 1.