Play 3D Rally Racing

First choose your car and track, then use the up key to accelerate, down key to brake, and left and right to move around.

About 3D Rally Racing

As the name suggests, 3D Rally racing is a classic 3D racing game, usually, in the genre of drive games, this kind of games is one of the most enjoyable.
In the game's main menu, click on the play option (the first entry of the menu), then choose a driver name, this name will be used to register your highscores, also if you unlocked any new level, on the next time you play the game, if you will use the same driver name, these levels will be unlocked automatically for you.
Next, choose a racing track, drive games has many options and terrain types, and this drive game has the same features - when you play for the first time, you can choose between the desert and snow tracks.
Later, as you beat these levels, more scenery types will be unlocked and available to play (Night, Rain and Forest).

After you chose a track, the car selection screen will be presented, you can choose between two different cars, each with totally different attribute,
the first car can reach a very high speed, but takes more time to accelerate, and is quite hard to maneuver and navigate.
On the other side, the second type of car accelerate very quickly, and easier to control, but can't reach high speeds - from our game experience, this car is better for most of the tracks.
After choosing the car type, you can adjust the car color if you want, and finally start the race!
Choose the car you want to drive

The rules of the race are similar to other drive games that you played before, on the top left you can check and change the game options, you can switch the music and sound effects on and off, and pause the game.
On the lower right you can check the speedometer, and on the lower left you can see the race details- the lap you're on, and total lap and race time, it also displays the best lap time you achieved so far, so check out your current lap time compared to the best one.
Screenshot of the gameplay