Play Star Racer

Use the arrow keys to move the spaceship around, up key to accelerate and down key to brake.

About Star Racer

Star race is one of our favorite drive games, it features a fast and exciting race between space vehicles, with cool music and a very attractive and unique graphic design.
Use the left and right arrows to move the spaceship between the lanes, use the up arrow to gain speed and down arrow to brake.
Your ultimate goal is to finish the track part in the time specified on the top part of the screen - you should make it to the next checkpoint before the time runs out. The checkpoint is a simple gate, which can seen from a distance, note that even if time runs out and you made it to the checkpoint a second later, it will still count as if you arrived on time, so try to do your best until the very last second.
One of the checkpoints along the track

When game starts, you will need to choose your car, you have a selection of three different vehicles, each with different designs and attributes.
For example, the first one seems to be the fastest, but harder to control, while the last is quite slow and stable, so choose the one you like the most.
Next, you should choose the planet you wish to race on, each planet has different awesome types of scenery, and track features, some are harder then others.

Few things will slow you down during the race, first, you should try to stay on the middle lane at all times, since you will get a shock and lose speed if you are thrown to the side of the track.
Second, like most drive games bumping an opponent vehicle from behind, will force you to brake and lose precious time.
In my opinion, avoiding the opponent space cars is the most tricky part, as the tracks themselves are quite easy.
At a whole, Star race is a very entertaining drive game and we hope you will enjoy playing it.